300 Cash Module

Cash / Credit handling / Storage

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Provides a secure place for cash registers and payment systems.
Key tasks: Cash and credit handling / Storage


What is a quote cart?

The 300 Cash Module provides a secure place for cash registers and credit terminals and pairs seamlessly with desks in our YAKETY YAK 300 series.

The module features a toughened glass security cowling surrounding an equipment well where a cash register and credit equipment can be located. Below the well are a drawer and two shelves for storage. The bottom shelf has a removable panel that provides access to cabling and floor service outlets.

For innovative circulation solutions, fit the Cash Module alongside or between our 300 Series counters.

300 Cash Module.
300 Cash Module comes standard with:
  • Toughened, glass security cowling
  • Equipment well for cash register and credit station
  • Handy storage drawer and shelves beneath
  • Soft cable management.
300 Cash Module options include:
  • Two sizes to choose from
  • Choose frosted or grey tint glass for cowling
  • Wide range of colors and finishes
Technical specifications:
Size option 1:25.79″W x 26.61″D x 47.24″H (655W x 676D x 1200mmH)
Size option 2:25.79″W x 31.69″D x 47.24″H (655W x 805D x 1200mmH)
Glass cowling:6mm toughened, frosted or grey tint
Construction:Selected LPL on MDF E0 board / rigid PVC clash
Drawer handles:Bow handle, satin chrome finish
Kicker:Black vinyl or brushed stainless steel

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