300 Cash/Credit Module

Cash / Credit handling / Storage

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Provides a secure place for cash registers and payment systems.
Key tasks: Cash and credit handling / Storage


What is a quote cart?

The Cash/Credit Module provides a secure place for cash registers and credit terminals and pairs seamlessly with desks in our YAKETY YAK 300 series.

The module features a toughened glass security cowling surrounding an equipment well where a cash register and credit equipment can be located. Below the well are a drawer and two shelves for storage. The bottom shelf has a removable panel that provides access to cabling and floor service outlets.

For innovative circulation solutions, fit the Cash/Credit Module alongside or between our 300 Series counters.

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300 Series Cash/Credit Module.
300 Cash/Credit Module comes standard with:
  • Toughened, glass security cowling
  • Equipment well for cash register and credit station
  • Handy storage drawer and shelves beneath
  • Soft cable management.
300 Cash/Credit Module options include:
  • Two sizes to choose from
  • Choose frosted or grey tint glass for cowling
  • Wide range of colors and finishes
Technical specifications:
Size option 1:25.79″W x 26.61″D x 47.24″H (655W x 676D x 1200mmH)
Size option 2:25.79″W x 31.69″D x 47.24″H (655W x 805D x 1200mmH)
Glass cowling:6mm toughened, frosted or grey tint
Construction:Selected LPL on MDF E0 board / rigid PVC clash
Drawer handles:Bow handle, satin chrome finish
Kicker:Black vinyl or brushed stainless steel

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