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Provides a tidy surround for your returns bin.
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What is a quote cart?

The Book Returns Module provides a tidy surround for your returns bin, for a seamless circulation area aesthetic. It is designed to pair with products in our YAKETY YAK 200 and 400 Series, or can be used as a stand-alone unit.

The Module features a bookshelf and slide covered in durable vinyl, as well as a toughened glass screen that supports signage.

Our Book Returns Module is custom made to fit your returns bin.

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Book Returns Module comes standard with:
  • Bookshelf, slide and slot
  • Toughened glass panel, able to support signage
  • Cutaway side panel on staff side for direct access
Book Returns Module options include:
  • Made to fit your book bin
  • Can be detailed to provide a book slot on two frontages (depending on site)
  • Wide range of LPL colors and finishes
Technical specifications:
Size:To suit customer’s book bin
Construction:Selected LPL on 1″ MDF E0 board / rigid PVC clash
Kicker:Black vinyl or brushed stainless steel
Glasswork:6mm toughened glass, grey tint or frosted
Glasswork supports:Brushed Stainless Steel

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