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A concise 1800mm worktop with a round meeting end.
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What is a quote cart?

YAKETY YAK 302 features a concise 1800mm worktop with a round meeting end that creates a welcoming space for staff and customer connection.

Our modular YAKETY YAK 300 Series is designed for versatility. The counters can be deployed either as stand-alone units or grouped with other counters and support modules, enabling you to create a customer service area tailored to your specific needs. Even better, 300 Series counters are easy to reconfigure, making them an adaptable option that will continue to evolve with your library space.

All our counters are ergonomically designed and feature seated-to-standing touch-button height adjustability. They deliver a safer workspace and an enhanced customer experience.

Personalise your YAKETY YAK 302 Counter — explore space planning, colours and finishes and our range of accessories by clicking the buttons below.

YAKETY YAK 302 comes standard with
  • Electric seated to standing height adjustment
  • Anti-collision technology
  • Desktop cable port
  • Soft cable management
YAKETY YAK 302 options include:
Technical specifications:
Worktop size:1800mmL x 900mmW
Worktop (normal wear):Selected HPL on 25mm MDF E0 board / rigid PVC clash
Worktop (heavy wear):Selected 2mm solid vinyl on 25mm MDF E0 board / rigid PVC clash
Adjustment range:Seated to standing 715mmH to 1135mmH
Running gear:Twin 1200N lifting columns / height adjust switch with display and 3 pre-sets
Body cabinetry:Selected LPL on MDF E0 board / rigid PVC clash
Kicker finish:Black vinyl or brushed stainless steel
Frame:Steel – powder coat black

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