Yakety Yak 100 Series – Ingenious help pods

Modern help pods with height adjustability and an open, ergonomic form, designed for easy interaction.

Position as stand-alone pods or combine 100 Series products for customised groupings specific to your needs.


Library pods designed for the ‘people-fit’

Yakety Yak Oval 101 Pod

A compact and versatile 1200mm long oval worktop.
Key tasks: Welcome / Help / Teaching / Roaming

Yakety Yak Oval 103 Pod

The largest in the YAKETY YAK range with a spacious
1600mm oval worktop.
Key tasks: Help / Issues / Teaching

Yakety Yak Round 105 Pod

A spontaneous welcome pod with a 1000mm
diameter round worktop.
Key tasks: Welcome / Help / Roaming

100 Series Support modules

100 Support Caddy provides three draws and one open shelf for storage.
100 Support Caddy

Pairs with all the YAKETY YAK range.
Key tasks: Extra layout / Storage / Defines staff zone

Enhance Yakety Yak with accessories