Respond to the moment with height adjustability

Height adjustability helps staff respond to the demands of the day


Staff can adapt their work environment to meet their own and their customer’s needs for a comfortable, ergonomic work environment that maximises flexibility, enhances well-being and minimises fatigue.

Height-adjustable children's  library pod.
Height-adjustable children's  library pod.

Reasons why our clients prefer height adjustability

height adjustable desk
Health and safety

Reduce the risk of occupational injuries by working at an ergonomic and safe height.


Customise workspaces to suit a variety of tasks and situations with the option of working seated or standing.

Responsive customer service

Adjust the desk to respond effectively to customer needs and confidently interact with people of all ages and levels of mobility.

How it works

The LINAK electronic height adjustability system allows staff to easily adapt the YAKETY YAK Pod / Desk / Counter to suit their needs. It features a discreet, easy to use interface, operated via the desk panel.

Components and cabling are concealed to maintain a clean, tidy aesthetic.

Learn more, explore and compare YAKETY YAK desks on our products page.

Yakety Yak desks can be easily adjusted with electronic seated to standing height adjustability.

LINAK (Denmark), is a world leader in electric linear actuation.

LINAK provides high quality, technically advanced, innovative solutions that greatly improve people’s quality of life and working environment.

They have developed electric linear actuators, actuator control systems, and lifting columns for many applications; from height adjustable desks to hospital beds.

LINAK’s technology is built with sustainability in mind

LINAK DESKLINE® provides complete flexible actuator systems for height adjustable desks, worktables and counters based on customer needs and wishes. They focus on easy modular and reliable solutions for both functionality and aesthetics.

LINAK uses ZERO™ technology to lower standby power consumption to just 0.1W.

For health reasons and for the sake of the environment all LINAKS DESKLINE® products are PVC-free as standard – thereby more environmentally friendly than their predecessors.

PIEZO™ anti-collision technology is the name given to LINAK hardware based anti-collision technology. This feature prevents material damage to a desk if a collision with a solid object occurs. The PIEZO sensor is completely integrated in the column with no visible changes and no extra mounting. The PIEZO sensor is more sensitive and reacts faster than known software based systems. (Fitted to all our desks and counters using dual lifting columns).

Our LINAK operating systems come with a 4 year warranty.

Why and how height adjustability should be used

Download this handy guide from LINAK