Yakety Yak Accessories

Enhance your Yakety Yak with accessories

Choose from our selection of monitor arms, lighting options, graphic treatments and more.

Add COVID protection or storage

YAKETY YAK YAK COVID Screen dimensions.
Yakety Yak COVID Screen

Fit a YAKETY YAK COVID Screen to any of our range, as part of your strategy to minimise risk to staff and customers.

Add power and signage

PIXEL Power Button.
Pixel Power Button

Pixel Power Button ensures your power supply is right at your fingertips. Pixel fits to any of our YAKETY YAK pods.

Share information with a high-tech monitor arm

ATDEC Economy Articulated Monitor Arm.
ATDEC Economy Articulated Monitor Arm

The ATDEC Economy Articulated Monitor Arm delivers exceptional
functionality including focal distance, display height settings,
and viewing angle fine-tuning.

ATDEC Premium Articulated Monitor Arm.
ATDEC Premium Articulated Monitor Arm

The ATDEC Premium Articulated Monitor Arm with its
generous arm reach, is the ideal support for touch screen
displays and sit/stand working environments.

Accessories for Yakety Yak 100 Series only

Information icon applied to YAKETY YAK desk upper barrel.
Yakety Yak Barrel Treatments

We have a selection of graphics available, from welcome signage to eye-catching imagery or supply your own artwork — we can print your design and install it on the barrel.