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Man-made ladybird library
Ladybird-like wings open to reveal a micro movable library for children in China. In response to the ‘commercial sprawl’ of shared bicycles that are used and left all over our…
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A renovated American library
The purpose of Studio Tylevich’s project is to preserve the memory of the previous library on this site before an expanded new library is built in its place. The old…
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Chicago library with industrial vibe
Architecture firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill has converted buildings in a former industrial district into a public library in Chicago, where original brick walls and bow trusses are on full…
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Colourful booths for children in Tel Aviv
Colourful booths enliven Hayarden school for children of refugees in Tel Aviv A house-shaped reading nook and colourful paintwork are among the playful features in this school for the children…
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Danish Royal Library in Aathus
A handsome 50 metre long sofa that twists like a snake is a true challenge for even the most experienced sneaker. But a 25 metre long shelf at seven meters…
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Calgary’s new public library
Architecture firms Snøhetta and Dialog have completed a new hub for Calgary’s public library system, with a crystalline exterior and an atrium clad in timber slats. The New Central Library,…
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The Human Library
From UPWORTHY by Morgan Shoaff Check out a human library, where you borrow people instead of books. A surely unforgettable experience reaching all corners of the world. There are libraries…
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