Children enjoy the benefits of YAKETY YAK Learning Pods

While YAKETY YAK Pods are transforming the way librarians work and interact in libraries, children at Belmont Primary School are also enjoying the benefits of pods, deployed for learning.

Belmont Primary School recently refurbished their library and wanted to add group work hubs throughout their space; where iPads could be mounted for children to use.

Peter Thorne, Assistant Principal of Belmont Primary school discussed pod options with Paul White, our Director of Design, who recommended designs from our YAKETY YAK Ingenious Pod range.

YAKETY YAK Pods height adjust to best fit the students, and the organic shaped worktops encourage them to gather around, to work and interact together.

From left: Children working at YAKETY YAK Oval 103 Pod and YAKETY YAK Round 105 Pod.

Peter says, “The pods offered us an opportunity to provide secure and easy access to learning devices, leading to more authentic learning opportunities and teachers not having to worry about transporting or charging devices. The pods are working really well in our library space and height adjustability is great for different groups of kids working with them. They help enrich the learning space and make the library a place where children love to learn.”

This project demonstrates the versatility offered by YAKETY YAK Pods, and their deployment in the library aligns well with the school’s commitment to ensure that children leave Belmont Primary School with a passion for life-long learning.

Photos courtesy of Belmont Primary School