Man-made ladybird library

Ladybird-like wings open to reveal a micro movable library for children in China.

In response to the ‘commercial sprawl’ of shared bicycles that are used and left all over our cities, LUO studio has recycled these abandoned bikes and created a micro movable library for children. Named ‘shared lady beetle’, the small, ingenious solution is effectively a storage cart used to support education. It does so whilst also raising awareness for the conservation of resources, green commuting, and the promotion of enjoyable learning.

LUO studio created the ‘shared lady beetle’ by recovering and recycling abandoned bicycles, discarded iron car sheets and also materials from eco-friendly boards. The interesting and lively result formed a very stable tricycle with an auxiliary omni wheel at its end. Their reuse of industrial waste was completed in a natural and artistic way with its shell inspired by those of a ladybird beetle – as the library’s name would suggest.

The outer cover opens and closes like the insect’s wings. Inside, a multi-layer structure was built to not only add strength but also to improve convenience and load capacity. The shelves increase in height as they rise, with the lowest shelf able to allow kids to sit and lean on it whilst reading and sharing books. The storage system is completely flexible which means the shelves and even the functions can be adjusted to the user’s needs.

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