Danish Royal Library in Aathus

A handsome 50 metre long sofa that twists like a snake is a true challenge for even the most experienced sneaker. But a 25 metre long shelf at seven meters height is even more complicated, if possible. Nevertheless, inventor manufacturer WO Interior has succeeded, which accounts for most of the interior of a newly renovated learning environment in the Danish Royal Library in Aarhus, including the orange sofa and the giant rack. “It has been a cannon-exciting project.

But it has also been a challenge, says Niels Flemming Troelsen, owner of WO Interior. He himself has been an active part of the project at The Royal Library, and the hard work has been rewarded. Recently, the environment was voted the school building for the year 2018.

Less bumps on the road
WO Interior has been in the extensive renovation process that has taken place in the library over the last four years. Initially, the work consisted of changing lists, but since then, the company has won the majority of the tender rounds for the interior design tasks in the new library. This includes sofa and bookshelf, which are the most remarkable furniture in the learning environment.

However, the work has not been without obstacles along the way:
– Some small things have appeared on the way. We have met challenges, but no more than expected, says Niels Flemming Troelsen, who particularly emphasizes the big bookcase as a challenge.

The wall quickly turned out not to be completely smooth, and it gave special requirements to the work with such a large bookcase that had to keep the balance. In some places, you have “cheated” a little and added an extra centimeter shelf hist and here to make the surface even.
WO Interior has not only taken into account uneven walls. Many students from Aarhus University use the premises as a reading room, and much of the work has therefore taken place during holidays – such as Christmas.

A special project
Despite the challenges in the project, the layout of the library has been a task in addition to the usual for the interior.

“We find that our employees take their families to Aarhus to showcase what they have helped to make. They do not use it. This is a project that will be sitting in us for a very long time, says Niels Flemming Troelsen. In addition to the most remarkable furniture in the new environment, WO Interior has also contributed to other sofa groups and raise-lower tables.

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