Renovation of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Downtown Branch

The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (CLP), in association with local architects, Loysen + Kreuthmeier, have transformed the community’s Downtown Branch library — a much anticipated year-long renovation project.

The branch, which had previously occupied just the basement and first floor of the building, has now expanded to the second floor, opening up new and dynamic spaces for children, teens and adults, to create and connect, learn and work.

Paul White, YAKETY YAK Furniture Director of Design, was thrilled to be invited to work with Jennifer McCarthy, L+K Architects, and Ron Graziano, Director of Facilities Development, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, to provide customer service pods to help support the new opportunities for learning and sharing.

From our 100 Series range of ingenious help pods, four YAKETY YAK 103 Oval Pods, teamed with YAKETY YAK Support Caddies, were installed throughout the new space.


YAKETY YAK Pods are the result of over 20 years’ experience designing specifically for libraries, enabling the delivery of smart ergonomics; like interactive oval worktops, electronic height adjustability and ease of mobility.

YAKETY YAK’s ability to adapt to the task provides the flexibility needed in the new and diverse library space, while librarians can choose to work either seated or standing, enhancing both their own work environment and the library experience for patrons.

YAKETY YAK Pods were fitted with accessories, including NODE Power Buttons, Articulating Monitor Arms and YAKETY YAK COVID screens, designed to install with any of our range, not as a permanent barrier but as a ‘spontaneous safe place’, suiting the dynamic nature of working at a freestanding customer help point.

YAKETY YAK Work Modules were also deployed as dedicated, quick reference, public computer kiosks.
















Ron Graziano says, “The YAKETY YAK pieces most definitely complement our great, newly renovated Downtown library. We are quite satisfied with the “pods” compact but highly functional work surfaces, and we are especially pleased with the furniture’s unique, colorful, geometric profiles.”

Jennifer says: We, the architects and Ron are very happy with the YAKETY YAK’s and love their clean design and functionality in the space.”