Vented RFID Pad Holder

Available for use with 100 Series Pods only

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Allows you to mount an RFID Sensor Pad securely and discretely under the desktop.


What is a quote cart?

For those using RFID systems our Vented RFID Pad Holder will securely accommodate the sensor pad mounting to the underside of the desktop.

The slimline profile ensures knee space remains unobstructed.

RFID Pad Holder creates a tidy aesthetic for you worktop.
  • Safely houses RFID pads under the desktop
  • Slim design for maximum knee space
  • Vented removable cover to avoid heat build-up
Technical specifications:
Size:Made to fit your providers equipment
ConstructionMDF / paint finished
FixingScrew fixing for ease of re-siting or removal

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