Colours and finishes

YAKETY YAK demonstrates personality and style through colour

As providers of transformational furniture, we explore not just function and technology but also the power of colour.

Colour can dramatically affect our mood, feelings, and emotions. Pure, intense, cheerful, earthy, luxurious, peaceful, refreshing, reliable, and fun — colours emanate emotions that significantly affect how we feel.

Some of our clients choose vibrant, eye-catching combinations, while others prefer more subtle hues. We invite you to spend some time exploring our Colour and Finishes Guide to find the perfect finish for your new counter.

YAKETY YAK colour detail

Whatever the flavour, we look forward to helping you choose the colours and finishes that will best capture your vision.

How will your customers perceive and react to the colours you choose?

Have some fun checking out what colours really mean, by exploring colour psychology.

YAKETY YAK 100 Series range of colours and finishes
YAKETY YAK 200 Series range of colours and finishes
YAKETY YAK 300 Series range of colors and finishes
YAKETY YAK 400 Series range of colours and finishes