Ergonomic design specific to libraries

Ergonomic library furniture
At YAKETY YAK Furniture, good ergonomics is just good design

Ergonomics is the science of how people interact with the things they use. At Yakety Yak we call this ‘the people fit’.

We know that our furniture is likely to be used by many different people in many different ways – sometimes all on the same day. Therefore, Yakety Yak furniture has been designed to be flexible, adaptable and remain useful for many years.

Height adjustability

All our desks feature electronic height adjustability and power smoothly and quickly from seated to standing heights. Staff can work with customers at a height that best suits the people involved and the task at hand. It allows staff to work at a safe height, and minimize the risk of injuries related to poor posture and overuse.  Find out more

Ergonomic library furniture
Library Pods
Soft, organic curves

Our curved worktops allow staff to flow easily between tasks and get alongside customers in a natural, spontaneous way – aided by our articulating monitor arms.

Easy access

When technicians or staff need to install equipment and reticulate soft cabling they will find our pods and desks are designed for easy access. For example, the barrel shells on our fully enclosed 100 Series pods are designed to unlock and be removed quickly and safely, allowing immediate and direct access.

Easy to remove upper barrel
Moving YAKETY YAK Oval 103.
Designed to move

When it is time to re-site your pod or desk in the library, our castor mounted or easy-slide frames allow library staff to safely do the job — without the need to call in facilities assistance.